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    Sara Rosett’s Day(s) Off

    Sara Rosett Icon

    I’ve got a bad case of spring fever. Technically, it would probably be called “summer fever” since it’s June, but you get the idea.

    For the last few weeks, I’ve been doing some signings and, well. . . basically, that’s it.

    I’m doing laundry (finally!), cooking dinner (ditto), going to band concerts and field days. Just living life without thinking about deadlines or what happens after the discovery of the body in chapter two. I don’t have a daily word count looming over me and, let me tell you, it’s nice.

    I know “everyone” says write everyday, but I think there are times when it’s good to take a break. Of course, whenever I’m doing promotion or taking a break to recharge I always feel just the tiniest bit guilty, like I’m skipping school or calling in sick to work when the only ailment I have is being sick of work. But I’ve managed to overcome the guilty feeling and really enjoy this break.

    So in the spirit of Ferris Bueller, I thought I’d share a bit of my day(s) off:

    We took in the Andrews AFB Air Show and toured a plane involved in the Berlin Airlift as well as the star of the Memphis Belle.

    Memphis Belle.JPG

    There was plenty of military hardware on the ramp: helicopters, jets, army equipment, and even navy divers. I’ve never written about an air show in the Mom Zone books, but this one definitely sparked a few creative ideas. The first photo is one of the engines on a KC-10. Ten points for anyone who can identify the aircraft that is just a smidge in the second photo.



    I’ve lived near D.C., for almost a year and finally made it to the Library of Congress—a dream come true.


    When I was ten I told my mom that if I could go anywhere in the world I’d pick the Library of Congress. Amazing building.

    LOC exterior.JPG

    I looked at the Gutenburg Bible, one of only three vellum copies, and stood on the balcony and looked down into the Main Reading Room, the setting for one of my favorite movie scenes. In National Treasure , Nicolas Cage hands a book to Riley (Justin Bartha) and says, “I give you the Preservation Room. Enjoy.”

    I couldn’t go in the Main Reading Room. You have to have Library of Congress Reader Identification Card. I didn’t have one then, but I do now. 8) I’m sure I’ll put it to good use as I research my next book. A few interesting facts: an underground passage connects the Jefferson building with the Madison building across the street and employees nicknamed “cave dwellers” use golf carts to retrieve requested books from underground, where most of the collection is stored.


    The Library of Congress may not sound as exciting as singing in a parade and crashing a car, but hey, I’m a writer so the largest library in the world is something that gets my heartbeat up. What about you? What would be your ideal day off?

    6 Responses to “Sara Rosett’s Day(s) Off”

    1. What a wonderful day off! I’d go in a heart beat. My friend just came back from London where she saw the Magna Carta and sheet music from Mozart. Her husband just sat and let her soak it in, bless him.

      She talked about walking down the same streets as Shakespeare. I mentioned Jack the Ripper.

      I asked my son if he had gone out to Sonomish (?) lake where Ted Bundy had picked up so many of his victims since my son lives in the Seattle area. He didn’t understand why I would want to go to a place like that.

      But my ideal day off right now since I’m loaded down with everything in my life? A day where I don’t have anything to do. Except maybe swim in my imaginary pool.

      by Lynn on June 4th, 2008 at 6:05 am

    2. I loved the National Treasure movies. Just watched both in Blu-Ray. WOW.

      Sounds like a good day to me, Sara.

      by Will Bereswill on June 4th, 2008 at 9:00 am

    3. Oh Sara, I know what you mean about the Library of Congress! It’s one of my favorite buildings in DC too. When I was in grad school at GWU, I was able to reserve an LOC study carrel for a semester so I could work on my thesis. It was soooo cool! I had a carrel key, got to order books for my research which were sitting in the carrel on my use days, and generally got to peruse books on all levels of the Main Room. It was heaven!

      (Another DC place I would love to visit but never have is the National Archives. In my 25 years in this area, I’ve never set foot in the building, and it has such wonderful things.)

      BTW, if you don’t already know, the LOC sponsors the awesome National Book Fair in September. This year’s festival is on September 27. You don’t want to miss it. Last year I sat 10 feet away from the Mystery Tent stage. I got to see Carolyn Hart, JA Jance, David Balducci, Daniel Silva, Lisa Scottoline and wonderful other authors who I can’t remember right now. The website is:

      by Becky Hutchison on June 4th, 2008 at 10:15 am

    4. Ahh…a day off in London. What a wonderful thought, Lynn. I’d love that!

      by Sara on June 4th, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    5. I enjoyed both National Treasure movies, too, Will. The toast “to high treason” was one of my favorite bits.

      by Sara on June 4th, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    6. Okay, Becky, I’m officially jealous–a study carrel in the LOC.

      And the National Archives are a wonderful place to visit, too. I’ve actually been there two times and enjoyed it both times. It’s amazing to see our founding documents just a few inches away.

      by Sara on June 4th, 2008 at 1:00 pm

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